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Please note: Rehab Systems has retired and closed as of June 1st 2015.

VIP Solutions, LLC has purchased their inventory and continuing the product at aquatrek2.com

VIP Solutions, LLC has the previous shop foreman for 15 years as the shop director and the previous sales director for 5 years as the Managing Director.

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pool wheelchair
Aquatic wheelchair
Anti-Tip Wheels

wheelchair anti tip

The AQ-350 (ABOVE) full size aquatic wheelchair above has a 24" seat depth with a weight capacity of 350lbs and is ideal for tall adults to create a proper bent knee position.


The AQ-250PC (BELOW) aquatic wheelchair below has a reduced seat depth of 17" to create a posture correction and ideal for average height adults. The reduced seat depth creates a proper bent knee position for people ranging from 4 1/2" feet to 5'10". Also makes a great seated walker and shower chair.

Aquatic wheelchair AQ-250PC
Aquatrek AQ-250PC
Anti-Tip Wheels


The AQ-250 (ABOVE) aquatic wheelchair above has a weight capacity of 350lbs and has the same features as the AQ-350 with the open swing arm for transitions and a retractable foot rest.

Both models of the AQ-250 and the AQ-350 can be provided with a reclining high-back option

________________________________________reclining high back wheelchair_______________________________________________

The AQ-150 (BELOW) Child Size aquatic wheelchair below has a seat depth of 15" with a reclining high-back rest. The reduced seat depth creates a proper bent knee position for kids to up to 150lbs.

Child size pool wheelchair
Kid Size pool wheelchair
Anti-Tip Wheels
Child size aquatic wheelchair


The AQ-150 Child Size aquatic wheelchair is always fully loaded with seat belt and shoulder harness, anti-tip bars and seat restrainer.


Recent 2015 Testimony:

“I ordered four of the aquatic wheelchairs for my adapted swimming program ( 2 x 250's and 2 x 350's with reclining high-back).  They are being used by severely cognitively impaired students ages 10-26, the chairs are very easy to push and comfortable for the students to be transported into the pool.  The chairs are very versatile allowing a student to sit up straight, lean back, have their feet up or on a foot rest all with the same chair, this makes it very easy to use in a school setting because each student is different.  We use all of the chairs weekly so look forward to the high quality craftsmanship to last us a long time.  All of the staff love the way the chairs look and are very impressed with how easy they are to push some of our adult sized students smoothly.  Thanks for all your help finding us the perfect chairs.”  Rose Mumma-Adapted Physical Educator Bovenschen School


                    • Totally Submersible
                    • Durable and lightweight
                    • Stainless steel axle
                    • Safe and comfortable
                    • Retractable Footrest, swingarm and Graphite handrims standard
                    • Additional options: Reclining high-back, Anti tip wheels, seat belt and shoulder harness

Uniquely designed for aquatic use, the AquaTrek aquatic wheelchair can be used in and around swimming pools, spas, splash areas, leisure rivers and showers. The standard wheelchair comes equipped with a swing arm, moveable footrest and Graphite Handrims on the rear wheels. Additional options include the seat belt and the shoulder harness and also the Anti-Tip option which are available upon request.

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Aquatic wheelchair Spec Sheets

AQ-150 Spec sheet PDF

AQ-150 Flyer PDF

AQ-250PC Spec sheet PDF

AQ-250PC Flyer PDF

AQ-350 Spec sheet PDF

AQ-450 Spec sheet PDF


Constructed from furniture grade PVC and the finest stainless steel fasteners, the wheelchair is both durable and noncorrosive. The front wheels are 7-inches in diameter and the rear wheels are 24-inches in diameter. The one-piece Nylatron bushings are specifically manufactured to meet the demanding needs of the aquatic environment. The AquaTrek Wheelchair is totally submersible and may be used with any of the AquaTrek Ladder, Steps or Ramps.