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Please note: Rehab Systems has retired and closed as of June 1st 2015.

VIP Solutions, LLC has purchased their inventory and continuing the product at aquatrek2.com

VIP Solutions, LLC has the previous shop foreman for 15 years as the shop director and the previous sales director for 5 years as the Managing Director.

This website will not be avaiable in a few months. Please click the link for aquatrek2.com or click the detour sign above to be directed the new AquaTrek2.com website provided by VIP Solutions, LLC

Phone #'s and address remain the same. New emails are avialable at our website.


Transfer Platform Transfer Platform side
Transfer Platform attached to the Aquatrek step System

Transfer platform attached

                    • Usable With All of our Pool Access Products
                    • Top rail is switchable for left or right access
                    • Portable
                    • Non-Skid Surface
                    • Stainless Steel Fasteners
                    • Lightweight and Durable

The AquaTrek Transfer Platform was designed to better accommodate the wheelchair users who desire to use your pool but don’t want to use a lift. The AquaTrek TP-1000 provides an easy, convenient, and comfortable way for wheelchair users to move themselves from their chair to the platform and down into the water. The AquaTrek TP-1000 is designed to be used with any of our access products and is lightweight and completely portable.


Transfer Platform PDF

How to Measure your Pool & Gutter

Pool Profile form

Pool Gutter Detail form

Designed as a practical solution for aquatic access, the AquaTrek Transfer Platform lets people of all ages and abilities enter and exit the swimming pool with ease.

All fasteners are made of the finest stainless steel.