Experience Aquatrek, one step at a time.

    Pool Steps"It (an AquaTrek Ladder) permits people to get into our pool WITHOUT using the lift chair. This is a confidence builder to people who are otherwise losing mobility." — Jaimie Endresu of Mon Valley YMCA.

    "The AquaTrek Ladder makes the pool much more accessible and safe for elderly members and our members with disabilities. Thank you for such a high quality product that far outdoes our last pool ladder." — Kati Tarlecky of Allentown YMCA/YWCA

    "[Through working with you] I've come to know your customer service, your commitment and your product quality in the AquaTrek pool access systems and it is what we look for in a vendor. Well done." — Dave Layton of Everett YMCA of Snohomish County

Pool Ramp"The AquaTrek Wheel Chair is a perfect match with our AquaTrek Ramp. The AquaTrek Wheel Chair and AquaTrek Ramp will allow access to an environment that may not have been reached by some of our clients." — Peg Schwab of Oil City YMCA

"I don't think you could destroy that (AquaTrek) in 200 years. I love this product (AquaTrek)." — Chris Callahan of St. David's Rehab

AQ-350"This is the second AquaTrek Wheel Chair we've ordered and, I must say, everyone is extremely impressed with the quality of it." — Karol Warchola of Munroe-Meyer Institute

"I love the AquaTrek Ladder. It's a great product that's super sturdy. Our customer is really happy and impressed with it. To heck with those steel ladders and ramps. I'm going to sell yours!" — Brett Maruszack of AquaPool Co

"We love it (an AQ-5600 AquaTrek 6-Tread Ladder) and the ladies in our arthritis class love it. We've had it since 2002 and it (the AquaTrek Ladder) has held up great." — Ann Lawton of Milton YMCA

"It (an AquaTrek Ladder) has been a great addition to our pool and more and more seniors need this for access." — Charles Thompson of Whitin Community Center

"It (an AquaTrek Ladder) has worked great for 13 years." — Tab Ray of City of Waverly

Pool Steps"The AquaTrek Step has greatly increased the utilization of our pool for patients who have difficulty ascending steps. All your staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the product and you far exceeded my expectations. ." — Susan Phillips of South Central Regional Medical Center Rehab Division.

"They (the AquaTrek Ladders) are very heavy duty compared to other entry systems available commercially." — Mike Butler of Nautilus Fitness Center.

"I've been doing business with you (Rehab Systems) for eight years. Your products (the AquaTrek pool access systems) have always been easy to handle and strong as tanks!" — Jasen Collins of Sanford Nautilus Club

"The first day I put the AquaTrek Ladder in the water, our senior water aerobics group was very impressed and since then it has increased the size of the class due to better access. Thank you." — Molly McCarthy of Fort Hueneme Naval Base

"Everyone loves the AquaTrek Step. It's really strong and works great and can be left in all day. Over a hundred people a day use it. You guys make a great product! Keep up the good work." — Jeff Putnam of Indian Boundary YMCA

"The AquaTrek Step, which we've had for the last seven years, is our most valuable asset to our pool. We have approximately 100 elderly and disabled people who use our indoor pool daily. Without your product (AquaTrek), they would not be able to get in the water." — David Creamer of Prattville YMCA

"Our AquaTrek Ladder (an AQ-5000 5-Tread Ladder) has been great for elderly pool members and members with handicapped children. It has been a hit with everyone." — Patrick Steiner of Beaver Creek Country Club

"The AquaTrek Step provides a familiar and easy mode of access for virtually all patrons. It's a durable product and has an attractive appearance." — Dan Jones of City of Newport News

"The AquaTrek Ladder is exactly what is needed for individuals who need help getting in and out of the pool." — Stacey Swanson of Lake Superior State University

"I've had an AquaTrek Ladder since 2002 and I really like the AquaTrek Ladder; it's been flawless. I've used those fiberglass ladders and didn't like the experience at all." — Glenn Ewart of Kent State University Department of Recreational Services

"Our aquatic program provides classes/training to a large number of senior citizens (with accompanied ailments, i.e.; arthritis, weak joints and muscles). The AquaTrek Ladder has proven to be a valuable asset." — Richard Tyree of City of Richmond Parks & Rec

"The AquaTrek Step has been a tremendous addition to our pool area. Our seniors now enter and exit the pool with dignity and ease and do so in a very safe manner. Why did we wait so long to get this? — Linda Marinello of Chippewa Valley YMCA

"AquaTrek is an outstanding piece of equipment for the pool. The ease of entry and exit to the pool is superb." — Charlie Schoderbek of Winston Salem State University

"These AquaTrek Steps are a great asset to any public pool environment. They are used by a variety of patrons (elderly, physically disabled and young children) for ease in entering and exiting the pool." — Heidi Soldner, Bellwood Pool Manager of Antis Township

"Our customers love the AquaTrek Ladder. It makes getting in and out of the pool much easier." — Steve Wycott of Anderson Swim Centers

"We had an AquaTrek Step for 10 years and we use the steps every day. We just chose another AquaTrek Step for our pool. We are very happy with your service." — Ricardo Freitas of Ives Pool

"We love them (an AquaTrek Step and an AquaTrek Wheel Chair)! We are having a state-wide aquatics event for Special Olympics because of these products. Thank you," — Paula Ann Sorenson of Iowa Lakes Community College.

"The AquaTrek Wheel Chair is lightweight, comfortable for patrons and easy to maneuver. You have a great catalog and courteous and timely sales people. Thanks for a good experience." — Diane Novotny of Jacksonville Parks & Rec

Pool Ramp"The AquaTrek Ramp has been a great product for our facility." — Tom Dryer of Ottawa Area Center

"AquaTrek is a great system of access and your customer service is excellent." — Steve Dunn of Commercial Pool Systems

"Our older patrons have been delighted by the increase in accessibility given by our new AquaTrek Ramp and your customer service was fantastic!" — Jamie O'Neil of Idaho Falls Aquatic Center

"It (an AquaTrek Ramp) has a more gradual slope and is wider, which makes it easier for our developmental students and guests to enter the water." — Diana Waterstreet of Tulatin Hills Park and Recreation Aloha Pool

"The AquaTrek Ramp works well. Everyone is well pleased with it. It made a lot of difference to our kids and it's easy for lifeguards to put in and out of the pool." — Brooks Dean of Butman Methodist Camp

"We love your unit (AquaTrek) very much. Everyone uses it, even people who thought they'd never use it because it was for handicapped use only. It's just so safe and easy. It's probably the best thing we've ever done for our pool. If there is ever anything we can do or say for you, it would be our pleasure. Your service and product are absolutely excellent. We'd be happy to talk to people and provide product recommendations." — Mike Pierce of Point East Condominium

"When you have 93 year old aquacise students, you get the best entrance/exit to the water that you can find and that is AquaTrek. Don't you hope it will be easy for you to get in and out of the water when you turn 93?" — Ingrid C Briody of William Rainey Harper College

"Are you designing parts for battle tanks now? Wow! I am thoroughly convinced that Rehab Systems is moving in the right direction with their product quality. I am willing to act as a reference without a doubt." — Chris Georgantas of Delta Health Club

"The AquaTrek Step goes together very easily. The yellow safety strips are very good for us with bad eyesight." — Richard J. Sadil of Quail Run Estates

"The AquaTrek Step provides a familiar and easy mode of access for pool patrons. The AquaTrek Step is durable with an attractive appearance." — Dan Jones and Bob Moesch of City of Newport News

"It's a God-send! Our clients find it a tool to make entry and exit to the pool much easier. Thanks!" — Pat Fosella of Cranford Pool and Fitness

A customer satisfaction survey asked the question "Is there anything else we could do to improve our company or our products," and the client said: "Defy the laws of physics? I'm extremely satisfied with the product ... it's very strong and solid, is easy to put together and allows easy access into the pool." — Carleen Chamberlin a Private Individual

"Rehab Systems has been very helpful with getting my pool up to par with a great step system (AquaTrek).

"It (AquaTrek) is a great product and the staff (of Rehab Systems, LLC is very efficient." — Carol Samples of YMCA o the Coosa Valley

"It's an excellent product and we love it! You do a great job and we wouldn't get nearly the use out of the pool that we do if we didn't have it. If you ever need an endorsement for your product, I'll give you one." — Otis Reeves of Prattville YMCA

"We love it! It's a great product and we drag it in and out of the pool a lot on a daily basis." — Phyllis Hudson of Glens Falls YMCA

"Your (AquaTrek) Ladder has been in service in our pool for about 10 years." — Charles Thompson, Whitin Community Center

"It (an AquaTrek Ladder) is doing very well for us and my people absolutely love it." — Wendy Douxille of Bloomfield JCC

"Our older patrons and youngest (pre-school) classes love it." — Kelly Griswold, Millerstown Swimming Pool

"The design of the AquaTrek Steps makes repair and use simple. The wheels make removal and storage problems a thing of the past." — Anwar Nasir, YMCA of Germantown

"The AquaTrek Ladder has been a good product for us. When we need parts, our order is handled quickly and accurately. Your staff provides great customer service." — Terry L. Hildebrand of Ephrata Recreation Center

"We've had an AquaTrek Step in our pool for over two years with no problems or additional cost. The only question I had was answered and taken care of within 12 hours. We're very happy with the service we've received from Rehab Systems, LLC." — Ann Lawton of Milton YMCA



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