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Please note: Rehab Systems has retired and closed as of June 1st 2015.

VIP Solutions, LLC has purchased their inventory and continuing the product at aquatrek2.com

VIP Solutions, LLC has the previous shop foreman for 15 years as the shop director and the previous sales director for 5 years as the Managing Director.

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pool ramp

pool ramp removed

pool ramp in use

The Steep slope ratio shown above was resolved with an elevation kit and longer lower platform.


Pool ramp over steps


The Aquatrek Pool Ramp allows for aquatic wheelchair access and can increase your aquatic therapy classes.

The Aquatrek Long Pool Ramp system is used to reduce the slope ratio for placement in deeper pools.

Using a longer lower platform and an elevation kit, the ramp system can be placed over steps as seen on the left and used in deeper pools as shown to the right.

Long Pool ramp



              Available in two configurations - standard and long Version with elevation kit

              • Standard Pool Ramp designed for pools 48" and under from pool floor to deck surface
              • Long Pool Ramp designed for pools over 48" from pool floor to deck surface
              • Elevation kits for decreasing the slope of ramp are available upon request
              • Handrails provide excellent stability
              • Noncorrosive metal skeleton encased in rigid PVC skin
              • 600lb weight capacity

Designed as a practical solution for aquatic access, the AquaTrek pool Ramp lets people of all ages and abilities enter and exit the swimming pool with ease. The AquaTrek pool Ramp is available in two sizes, a standard or a long. The long ramp system is used for pool facilities that have depths of 48-inches or greater from pool floor to deck surface. The longer length allows the slope of the ramp to be decreased to accommodate the extra depth.

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How to Measure your Pool

Pool Profile form

Pool Gutter Detail form

Aquatrek Ramp PDF Diagram

All fasteners and deck anchors are made of the finest stainless steel.

Treads are 30-inches wide and the Aluminum reinforced skeleton gives the unit the needed strength and stability for use in a commercial pool environment.